I visualize aspiration through stories in a way that touches peoples lives. My goal - to create artifacts for the future where atoms and electrons coexist in harmony and simplicity with the people that experience them.

My strengths lie in an ability to evaluate and iterate the core value of an idea instinctively from the inside out. I value the craft, ingenuity, and the fundamental product architecture of design.

I approach design with an intuition and informed naivety that guides me past pre- conceived notions or constraints. I am constantly searching for purpose and meaning to use as a catalyst for disruption.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take a projects fully from concept to market multiple times. My experience is characterized as a hybrid between the intense fast paced and creative diversity of a design studio, but it is augmented through the experience and knowledge of ‘going deep’, being fully immersed in the process to develop and manufacture a product to market. This experience allows me to quickly and comprehensively produce designs that are on the bleeding edge of creativity and innovation but are also technically feasible.

I believe that good design has power in cleanliness but is not cold nor austere. For a design to be truly meaningful, it needs to be fully engaging to the humans that use it, both viscerally and intellectually. 

I aim to do all of this to advance the people of this planet in the most positive and wonderful way possible! I love what I do!